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Do you like the new site tulat updated?
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 Tulat's Sig Shop

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Tulat spikes for his friends

Posts : 73
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Age : 26
Location : South Carolina

PostSubject: Tulat's Sig Shop   Tue Sep 06, 2011 2:25 pm

First, if you want me to make a sig for you, your in the right place.
If im busy expect a day or more, I'm in college, busy with life sometimes, and have other shops i check on.
I upload with Photobucket.
I will post them here when I am finished.

All sigs will be 350x150 in size, unless otherwise specified.
I only make Signature with one Character. It's too crowded and look bad with more than one usually.
To supply a render, go to This Site

Anything with a * Must be completed or i won't make you the signature.
what i need to know is...
  • * Character.
  • * Colors, image, or brawl stage for BG.
  • * Text.
  • Theme.
  • If you want the character's Symbol.
  • specific detail of what part of the character, such as Ike's head, or from falco's head to his tail.
  • Placement
  • Anything extra, such as the Neon glowing things i made around weegee in the sig below

<-- Made when i was bored at my dads.
<-- Also made when i was bored.
<-- Made when bored for me.
<-- made and timed 10 minutes for jumba.
<-- made for and won a Sig of the week contest in Bc.
<-- Made for a friend.
<-- Made for Aris's Birthday.


1: It Takes Time, Do not keep on bugging me on the progress.
2: Once again, i only make sigs with one character, so don't ask.
3: You may talk about off-topic subjects in this shop if they include GFX, SSBB, or Pkmn, but please: no spamming, flaming, or offensive material in the shop.
4: Be sure to fill out the entire list of things i need to know or I will ether ignor it or tell you I need more information.
5: You must supply the render.
6: Do not ask for more than one signature.
7: Read the rules starting at number 1 again, if read twice you may ignore Rule 7.
8: Please type the following phrase at the end your request post to show me that you have read and understand the rules stated above:

"Rules 8 Ownz"
If your request does not contain this phrase it will be ignored or I will simply refer you back to the rules. Hopefully this will help to weed out those who have not read them. Thank you for your time and patience.

<--Thanks to Aris, Whom i taught.
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Tulat's Sig Shop
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